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Hardwood Floor Cleaning by Heaven’s Best

Hardwood floor cleaning can be frustrating and require a lot of work. It may take hours to complete the job. However, to achieve a truly clean result, a thorough cleaning process is needed by professionals to make sure your floors stay clean, dirt-free, and looking great.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you take care of your hardwood flooring.

– Sweep or vacuum-clean regularly. Avoid wax, oil soap, silicone based and other industrial household cleaners when cleaning your hardwood flooring. These products can damage the integrity of your hardwood surfaces and make cleaning more difficult.

– Do not let spills settle for a long time. Blot spills right away.

– Put mats at entryways.

– Put area rugs in high traffic areas. Do not use rubber backed rugs and rugs with poor ventilation as they can damage the hardwood surface.

– Consistent humidity levels in your home will prevent your hardwood floors from shrinking, swelling and cracking.

– Trim pet’s nails to prevent deep scratches.

– Lift and not drag when moving heavy furniture.

– Use hardwood floor cleaning service once or twice a year.

Cleaning floor yourself can be a great means to save money. However, you don’t have to deal with any of the hassles when you hire a professional service to clean the floor for you. Many homeowners call in professional floor cleaners because of the many advantages of using expert hardwood floor cleaning services.

Advantages of hiring a professional floor cleaning company

– You get professional cleaning services that produce premium results

– A reliable floor cleaning company deploys technicians with years of valuable experience and extraordinary skills

– The people working in your home has advanced and ongoing training

– They use high-end equipment and products available only to licensed professionals

– Guaranteed work

When looking for expert floor cleaners, the key is to look for a completely licensed and insured cleaning company. Heaven’s Best is one of the trusted hardwood floor cleaning services in Abilene TX. Contact us today!

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